Day 8, Late Edition

A little bit of good news tonight – preliminary results from the MRI show that we are in a relatively good spot (details further below).

Amber had about 7 nurses getting her ready for the big trip down for the MRI. This is a very complicated process where the nurses have to switch out all of the devices for portable MRI compatible devices. As the crew was prepping her, her numbers started elevating and her head pressure was getting a bit too high. There was a good chance the MRI wouldn’t be happening again. However, Dr. Martin came in, gave the okay, and off we went.

After signing some forms and removing all my earrings and security badge, I got to go in with her. I have never seen an MRI machine before and can tell you that it’s very intimidating. If Amber was awake I’m sure she’d be so scared (I was for her). Our fabulous nurse Alex, and 3 others finally assembled her on the machine, gave me some ear plugs and then it began.

The machine is huge and loud. While I was sitting there I was wearing Amber’s Magic Power Blanket and brown scapular around my neck, where I prayed until she was done, which was about an hour.

After she was done and Alex and crew got her assembled again, it was time to head back. On our way back to her room we ran into Dr. Martin…

He didn’t pull up a seat to sit and talk to us so we knew that maybe finally, we get some good news instead of devastating news.

The preliminary review of the MRI shows:

— no damage to the left hemisphere.

— no damage to the brain stem.

— no residual from the tumor

— some damage from where the stroke/tumor/bleeding was on the right side, but we already knew that there was some damage here.

Dr. Martin still needs to meet with the tumor review board to thoroughly go over the results, but this is a good start.

Matt and I are relieved but realistic. We celebrate this as a win, but we have a long road ahead. We’re just starting from a somewhat better spot than we could have been.

Our next step is to meet with Oncology, and start understanding what treatment may look like.

We continue to pray, for strength for Amber, and for the Doctors, Nurses, and other Medical Staff that are fighting this battle valiantly alongside us.

3 thoughts on “Day 8, Late Edition

  1. We are praying for Amber, the medical team and you two, who have your own worries and fears and are Amber’s strength right now. God is good. He will walk with Amber through this.

  2. small easy forward steps…prayers as God leads the way forward as we have assembled as solders of Christ for Amber Grace! hugs&kisses, love pep.

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