Day 9, Evening Edition

Today was … emotionally turbulent. All of these days have been, of course, but different highs and lows.

We had a good (but difficult) conversation with the team of doctors today. Yes, seeing a healthy brainstem and left side of brain is very good. But, the damage to the right side from the stroke will require much work. Amber will need to relearn how to do many things, and it will take much time. But fortunately, young brains have “plasticity”, and the rest of the brain looks good, so we have a chance, hope, that she will be able to relearn.

We also began the process of waking her. Today, we have stopped the paralytic medication, and watch how she responds. We are watching to see if she breathes on her own, coughs to clear her throat, performs involuntary motions (especially on the left side of her body, which is at risk due to the damage in the right brain ). It will be many days, though, before the other medications are lifted and we see her start to actually wake up.

So, again, there is hope. It will be a long, difficult road, but Caron and I will do whatever it takes to bring her through it. And we know that the medical team here are in this with us too.

We go into this Easter weekend praying. We pray for strength for Amber. We pray for the medical professionals providing her care. We pray for our own strength to carry as much of this for her as we can.

We truly appreciate the amazing support from our friends and family, across our work, church, school communities, who again today continue to show us such kindness. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Day 9, Evening Edition

  1. Sending prayers for Amber and the entire family. We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. May your faith carry you through this .
    Sending love,
    Rob, Kate, Chuck, Erin Morrell

  2. Dear Miss Amber,
    Sending you hugs and positive thoughts from Massachusetts. Rest and get better so you may head home with your loving and awesome family!!

  3. Yes, a long road for sure. She has amazingly great parents and an even more amazing medical team taking great care of her. We got you all Smith Family!! You have us to lean on. The prayers continue to follow and WILL not stop. You got this. Love you Melanie

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