Day 25, Sunday, Rest Day

Amber did a whole lotta nothing today, and that’s okay. The way this girl has been working hard this past week, a day of rest was very much earned and well deserved.

A little bit of talking, a little bit of writing, a little visiting, a little TV watching, and a little bit of coloring was about the extent of the day.

A day of relaxing is very much needed to prepare for the week ahead, starting with the biggest upcoming event, insertion of G-tube & removal of staples and stitches in the head tomorrow.

If you don’t mind, extra prayers for Amber’s surgery tomorrow would be very much appreciated!! Thank you everyone!! 💜

10 thoughts on “Day 25, Sunday, Rest Day

  1. So good for Amber to have a day of rest today to prepare for her big day tomorrow. Pep and I send tons of prayers that all goes well. Love you sweetie! Thank you for all those kisses today.
    xxx ooo
    Mem & Pep

  2. We will continue to pray for Amber and especially throughout the day tomorrow. Praying for God’s mightiest of all angels and hedge of protection to be around her and all of you!✝️ 💜Terry & Briant (Uncle Jim & Aunt Diane)

  3. Will be thinking of her! Sending lots of prayers for her❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Rest is good!! Like you said she’s been rocking it out. Many prayers and great vibes for today Amber!!! Love you!!💜💜

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