Day 34, Stand Up & Cheer!

After a bit of a rough start to the morning — Amber threw her breakfast and supplemental feed up (her sibs shared some type of coughing/mucus germ) . . . She persevered. PT with Lauren and crew showed us just how bad Amber wants out of here. Not only did she kneel in a high kneel position (and at some points unsupported), she STOOD UP to stand against her bed with Lauren and Shannon supporting her! Yes, stood up and stayed that way for a few minutes!!! After that, after all that hard work, she literally crawled up into bed!!!


Once situated back in bed, Amber had a lovely visit from a Volunteer named Michelle and her 14 year young dog named Carina. Carina got in bed with Amber and Amber was in her glory!

After some lunch of mac and cheese and spinach (still on a spinach kick — getting strong from it (and it’s obviously working!)), and bit of chocolate munchkin for dessert, it was time to go outside for some Vitamin D.

Little miracles and blessings everyday. Thank you God, Mary, and Jesus — Amber’s strength is heightened by you. And thanks to you; our families, friends, aquaintences, and even kind folks that don’t even know us (officially anyway) — your prayers and positive thoughts . . . we feel them! Our love to you all! 💜

16 thoughts on “Day 34, Stand Up & Cheer!

  1. Yeah rah rah! Sis boom bah! Give me an A, a M, and a B,E,R! GO AMBER! Great job today, sweet girl!! I’M ROOTING FOR YOU ALL! SENDING POSITIVE VIBES, LOVE AND PRAYERS!

  2. Bless Amber, her strength, her youth, her resolve and her wish to go home. Bless you, the wonderful parents that have made her so.

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO very proud! You go girl! Show those therapists what you are made of!💗

  4. She is one eager young lady!! So proud of her!!!! I can just imagine how badly she wants to get out of there. More spinach,more spinach!!! Great improvement!

  5. Feeling joy after reading “Stand Up & Cheer” and this warm, soft, gentle rainy (nourishing) day. Please know prayers of thankfulness, strength, protection, and signs of healing continue from my heart and soul for Amber and FAMILY. “And a child shall lead us”.

  6. I just love reading about Amber’s progress. Thank you both for sharing the daily updates. Prayers continue being said.

  7. What wonderful news! Amber stood up (!), had spinach and sunshine, and got to snuggle up with a
    furry friend! Go, go, go!!

  8. Prayers and good thoughts are coming your way from the Ross family. Ella (7) wishes Amber well and hopes she keeps working hard to get home.

  9. Amber, you are absolutely amazing!! What awesome progress you are making! Know how proud we are of you for your hard work! You are in our prayers always!

  10. Seriously standing …….thats awsome Amber Grace!! Keep it up sweetie!! Love you much

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