Day 36, Tiny But Mighty Steps

Apparently, for Amber, standing just wasn’t good enough. She told Ms. Lauren and Ms. Caitlin at PT/OT today that she wanted to walk, and walk, she did.

Amber was sitting in her wheelchair, Ms. Lauren in front of her and Ms. Caitlin on the side of her. With all the practice yesterday, Amber was able to go from sitting to standing; almost with ease. With Ms. Lauren instructing her, she takes a step with her good foot, her right foot. Next is harder, but Amber is determined, and with some aid from Ms. Lauren, she brings that sleepy left leg and foot forward and takes a step. Then her right. Then her left . . . tiny but mighty. As Amber takes these steps, you can see the strength, the purpose, of all this hard work. She knows that if she continues to get strong, she can get out of this hospital and finally go home. Amber walked about 3 feet to her end destination, me, where I was kissing and praising her like only a proud Mama could do! Later on, she walked even further, with her end destination being her bed and by that point she was clearly exhausted — but not too exhausted because she was able to muster that last bit of energy to crawl into bed!

Tomorrow is a big day for CCMC. It’s the annual Superhero Day ! However, I believe that Superhero Day came a bit early. I believe we just saw a Superhero at her finest, today . . . and honestly, almost every day now, there’s been something worth celebrating by this Supergirl!

18 thoughts on “Day 36, Tiny But Mighty Steps

  1. I’m so happy to hear of her great strides this week. I think she’s like her dad, pushing to see her possibilities. She’s determined! And capable of a lot clearly!

  2. 🌸✝️ Praying God’s super blessing for this day for Amber, family and all. May God bring healing in a super way today and continue to amaze everyone with the mighty works of His hands. Wishing Super Amber Grace a fun and awesome day!💜

  3. Absoulety incredible Amber!!! So proud and so strong. Keep it up. Show us all what you’ve got. Love you!!!! Auntie Mel

  4. Super great job Amber. Have a fun super hero day with Ryan today! Pep and I love you tons!

  5. Oh Caron, it bet that was the most exciting thing so far, that you witnessed. Her progress is going so well.

  6. Superhero day sounds like a great event for everyone involved! Amber is definitely a superhero; her determination and strength amaze me. Can’t wait for this supergirl to put on her cape and fly HOME!!

  7. Amber, what good news!!! Keep up your amazing spirit!
    God bless you.

  8. Superhero’s have nothing on you kiddo!! Keep up the good work! 💜

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