Day 43, Surgery Went Well

Amber is out of surgery, and is resting comfortably in the PICU. Everything went well – both the port and the skull flap procedures were successful, with nothing unexpected. She’ll remain in the PICU overnight, and be back up to the “regular” room tomorrow afternoon. But now the PICU is far less terrifying than when we were here before, and we have some very friendly and familiar faces taking care of us (we are with Nurse Alex right now, one of our favorites).

And, at Amber’s request, the surgeons also took care of her doll, Lily. Lily also did well, also getting both a port and a skull flap, and is resting comfortably with Amber. And you if you look close, you’ll see that Cutie, Lily’s teddy bear, also received some surgical attention.

Now for some simple R&R, a normal food menu for dinner tonight, then we get back to the PT/OT maybe tomorrow (or Saturday), and keep working toward getting home …

Thank you, God, for bringing Amber through today’s surgery so well. And thank you to the large team of folks here at CCMC taking such good care of her.

19 thoughts on “Day 43, Surgery Went Well

  1. Tears but only because the sweetness of this is touching ❤️

  2. I hope that doll and bear have good health insurance. Lol! Very happy to hear of the successful surgery.
    Aunt Becky

  3. Wonderful news! One step closer to home! Sooo good to see Lily and Cutie also resting comfortably! Seriously though, it’s so special and Amber’s medical team are tremendous to “fix up” her little babies to comfort her and understand why it’s important to her.

  4. Prayers are being answered!! Thank you for sharing the amazing news. 😀

  5. What wonderful news!! I am so glad that everything went well. This is certainly a step towards coming home. Many prayers are coming your way.

  6. That’s such great news! Amber will continue to be in my thoughts every day.

  7. Wonderful news – thank God!!
    Sending continued prayers and love!

  8. Amen!!! That’s so sweet they also took care of her dolli as well. A long road ahead for sure. Many healing prayers and positive thoughts sent and everyday Ambers Way!!

  9. Amber,
    You are so incredibly brave!!! I am so proud of you, Lily and Cutie. Feel better little angel. Sending you all of the positive thoughts in the world.

  10. So happy to see that both Amber and Lilly’s procedures went well. Thinking of you guys everyday and praying that she will be back home before we return home.

  11. Amen to answered prayers.We hope you all get to be together at home really soon.

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