Day 54, Adjusting Well

Amber is adjusting well to being home.  While I was busy doing typical Monday morning stuff with the other kiddos, then on and off with phone calls, then sliding in a grocery shopping while their grandparents babysat, Amber and Ryan were able to keep themselves pretty much entertained (and annoyed with each other) for a while.  Later on, while Ryan was napping, Amber and I were able to practice going up and down a flight of stairs as well as trying to motivate her left arm and hand with playing in some kinetic sand.  After that, we opened up a Princess Math Workbook that her teacher had given her and ended up blowing through 6 pages before it was time to head outside to get her sisters off the bus.

Today was a good day 🙂



Amber working on her Princess Math Workbook

7 thoughts on “Day 54, Adjusting Well

  1. I am so glad to see how well Amber is adjusting. It was wonderful to see her at Sunday Mass and again at the Holy Hour. Keep up your good work and inspiring spirit, Amber!!!

  2. We’re continuing to praise God for the blessing we’re seeing. Thank you for being so brave as to share your journey with us, your family are spiritual mentors to the rest of us watching in awe as you ride your love and faith through this storm.

  3. Great picture!! Sounds like she is doing amazing and keeping up with everything and moving forward. Such a strong babe!!! Love you all and miss you!!!

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