Day 62, Lives Touched

Sometimes our lives are touched by strangers, who then become so much more.

Today was one if those days. Yesterday we had a comment on this blog from Dr. Adams, Amber’s doctor at the Emergency Department at Backus, letting us know she would be working today if we were able to stop by and say “Hi” sometime when we were in the area. So Amber and I stopped by before her radiation. The overwhelming response from Dr. Adams and team was so beautiful and so touching. They were so happy to see Amber and to see how far she’s come since that first dreadful day back on Thursday, March 22nd. As I was watching the girls interact with Amber, I couldn’t help but feel such love and devotion to them, to these people who were “strangers” before all of this. I say the word strangers very loosely though, because honestly, since March 22nd, 62 days ago, I believe they instantly became a part of our family. Because we owe them so much — they aided in saving Amber’s life. Plain and simple. And because of that, they have blessed our lives immensely.

After that wonderful reunion, Amber and I headed to her radiation appointment. While we were in the waiting room, a lady that I briefly met yesterday came over and sat down next to me. After exchanging pleasantries (I honestly didn’t know if she actually remembered me from yesterday or not) she says to Amber, while looking in her purse for something, “There’s been someone crying in my purse that just needs to come out. I think she needs a new home.” So with that, the lady pulls out the cutest little gray Elephant with a TY heart tag that has the name “Ella” on it. The softest sweetest elephant. And an elephant to boot, how appropriate — as if this lovely lady knew our story of The Elephant! After chatting a bit, I found out that today was this lady’s last radiation treatment. How did she know that she would run into Amber? The timing was perfect and again, so very touching. After we chatted some more it was time for Amber to go into radiation. After Amber and I said our thank yous and I wished her good luck, she said that she will be thinking and praying for Amber.

These people, who were strangers to us before all of this, have forever touched our lives, and perhaps, Amber has touched theirs as well . . .

3 thoughts on “Day 62, Lives Touched

  1. Even in darkness, there is light.
    The people you’ve met along the way, they are only candles, casting light and warmth onto the dark & scary path you are walking.
    Only candles, but they burn as brightly as they can, to help to fend off the shadows of doubt & fear. Only candles on a path, but they will help lead you back into the sunshine.

  2. It is so amazing the interactions we have with people if only for a moment, that we will remember forever!!!

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