Day 85, With A Hug + I Love You

As Amber gets stronger and improves everyday I can’t help but ponder (again) what the future holds for her.

This past month, although going great with Amber’s positive improvements with things like walking on her own and “lefty” (which is her left arm, hand, and fingers) getting stronger, I can’t help but feel sad.

About a month ago we suddenly lost our daycare provider at Saint Joseph School.  A gentle soul of a woman who clearly cared for the children she was watching over.  And then almost a week ago, we lost another wonderful woman whose grandchildren attend Saint Joseph School.  This particular woman was diagnosed with an illness not unlike Amber’s around the same time that we found out about Amber’s.  That was 3 months ago (in a few days — June 21st).  The first woman was sudden, and the second, although not as “sudden”, was also too soon.  I can’t help but think about Amber in all this.  What does this mean for her.  I’m afraid to think of what this means for Amber, given the type of cancer she has where the outlook is particularly grim.  I guess it just puts life once again into perspective.  Cherish it, Enjoy it . . .  while we still can.  Life is precious — which is making itself very clear to me, especially with the passing of these two wonderful women.  I know it sounds so cliche to “live life to the fullest” but do we?  With the mundane nuances of the “same old same old” day to day living, are we really living our life to the fullest?  To actually remember that our life, and the lives of our loved ones around us, are not going to be here on Earth forever.  To think that they actually may be gone tomorrow . . .  that’s a hard concept to digest and that’s a hard concept to actually consciously think about, every . . . single . . . day . . .

Our own mortality.  Wouldn’t it make life so much less complicated if we knew when our time was up?  Well, for someone like Amber, with the type of cancer she has, hers might be predictable . . . but the doctors are working hard to change that, and we pray for Divine Intervention for her to be Blessed Stanley Rother’s Miracle!  I am optimistic for Amber but I am also realistic . . .

If you had a hard day, or a boring day, or even a great day today, give your loved ones an extra squeeze when you are hugging them and an “I love you”, because remember, we never know when that may be our last one to give.

7 thoughts on “Day 85, With A Hug + I Love You

  1. Thank you. My grandmother loved Amber and the whole family. She was very proud of Amber. She would have been so happy to see Amber getting the yearbook. ❤️❤️

  2. Mom loved Amber very much and she was beside herself when Amber was diagnosed. But now she’s an angel looking over Amber, she may be gone but she is still watching over her charges.
    You are very right, live life to the fullest because no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.

  3. Live life to the fullest and love to the fullest. From one mom to another, hugs and much love to you! There are miracles, and we all are praying for Ambers. ❤️

  4. Thank you for reminding us to love each other every minute of every day. We are praying for Amber and her whole family. She is truly an inspiration to all of us! God bless💞

  5. What a beautiful entry, Caron! We must appreciate each and every day that God gives us as we never know when He will call us home. It was quite a shock when Mrs. King passed away, such a loving and caring person, so quiet and unassuming. We have prayed every day for her and her family. Also, losing another one of our grandmothers, Mrs. Moriarty, also hit home, also a very loving and caring person. Again, we have prayed for her and her family as well.
    We have prayed every day for Amber and all of you as this has been quite the journey for you. I believe that Amber has experienced many small miracles and will continue to experience even more. She has so much going for her and she works so hard at her recovery – she is just one amazing girl!

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