Day 99, A Bittersweet Day

Never in my life did I think that I would be in a situation where (A) I would have to bring my youngest daughter for radiation treatments because she actually has cancer and (B) I am actually sad that today is Amber’s last day of treatment.  Crazy, I know.  Let me explain.  Cancer sucks.  Radiation sucks.  However, the radiation crew at Backus Hospital in Norwich, they made it not suck.  In fact, the emotion that I am physically having right now is a feeling of love, happiness, and admiration for the folks in the radiation department.

From the start of this part of Amber’s journey (the radiation treatments) this department has welcomed us with open and loving arms, and took us under their wings.  All throughout her 30 treatments, they have treated Amber like a family member, not “just” a patient.  But their kindness did not stop at just Amber.  They were so thoughtful and sweet towards Ryan, Brianna, Marie, and Matt and me.  They certainly went above and beyond.  And for me, personally, since I was the one that mainly brought Amber to her appointments every day since May 17th, the radiation crew made me feel “human” again.  With the way these past 3 months have been, it was nice to have people (who didn’t even know me) take interest in me and my well being, making sure that I was doing okay.  But not just checking in on my sanity — actually taking the time to talk with me and ask how my weekend was or how my day was going or making me laugh.  I honestly did not know going into this that I would be this torn inside with my feelings and emotions on Amber’s final day today.  The kindness and love from a group of individuals that did not even know us at first, but wanted to get to know us, day after day — it blossomed into an awesome friendship.


And even more, the other patients at radiation — what a beautiful group of people.  Sharing in something so sad and somber with Amber but also perhaps (hopefully) having their spirits lifted when they saw her; her positive progression, her smile, and her laugh each week.  I hope seeing Amber in these ways gives a sense of Hope for those that especially need it right now.

So in short (too late) — Radiation itself sucks but the people that we’ve come to know at radiation, they totally rock!  A truly Bittersweet moment for sure.

So God did it again.  HE made something that has been so life-changing and at some points devastating, and He turned it into something wonderful.  He put us in another situation that we were meant to be in . . . brought strangers together to become lifetime friends.

Why God has put us together specifically with these lovely wonderful people from our time during radiation . . . well, I haven’t figured it out, yet.  But it is certain that HIS plan for Amber (and us) continues on.  God’s way is Amber’s way and we just have to be patient to see where it leads us.


P.S.  On a side note, un-radiation related, as I was triple checking this post and adding/changing its content, Amber’s loose tooth came out — not by her pulling it by fingers mind you, but by way of her tongue pushing it out!  This is Amber’s 1st tooth!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Day 99, A Bittersweet Day

  1. Caron, you are such a loving and amazing mom! To see the shining goodness in this moment and to spread it to others, you are awesome! Amber – YAY! May the tooth fairly be good to you tonight little sweetie. 🙂

  2. it was a wonderful day! I had tears of joy to see how everyone has been brought together for a reason…Amber Grace has an army of supporters that she has assembled with love. I do not know where the Amber Grace Train is heading but I am in for the ride! hugs&kisses, love, pep

  3. So happy the journey has been supported by so many amazing people –
    And congrats on your tooth!!

  4. So happy this step is OVER! It really is magical when you find such genuine care and concern at the time it’s most needed. I hope the tooth fairy was really generous!!!

  5. You guys are such an inspiration. Your faith, positivity, and trust in God is amazing. I pray everyday for Amber. Love you guys!

  6. 🌸✝️ What a beautiful post for so many beautiful people! God’s hand at work. Sending prayers to you all as Amber’s journey continues down the path God has intended. May he continue to bring healing to Amber and bless her with His holy presence filled with peace and love! In the precious name of Jesus!💜

  7. Love the Moana outfit! Love you all. Never think that you’re nagging us for extra prayers. It’s because of Amber’s journey I have found my faith. I haven’t stopped praying and won’t. Love you all!

  8. I love that ‘God’s Way is Amber’s Way’!!!! Caron Im SO Proud of you, what you see is God’s small and big miracles in your life. The smalls are the birth od big ones. Keep seeing that Caron forever. She’s a conquer. But give you and Matt credit because you are her Guidelines and it’s anointed. The July 25th one IS going to be the BIG ONE

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