Day 175, Next Step

Tomorrow evening Amber goes into the “Truth Machine” (MRI) again. Following the discovery of some tumor regrowth this past Friday, we now are going to check if there has been any spread – with a focus on her spine. Spreading to her spine would be a particularly bad development, so we are praying that this comes back clean.

Caron and I also want to thank everyone that has been part of this with us. While we rarely have the oppportunity to respond to them all, we do read every comment left for us on this blog, sent via Facebook, email, voicemail, text message, postal mail, and other messages, and we so appreciate the Masses and Holy Hours for Amber – the support means so much to us.

Thank you all, so much – while this has been a difficult time for Amber and the whole family, we do feel blessed to have such a community around us.

9 thoughts on “Day 175, Next Step

  1. I continue my prayers for sweet Amber and for you as you carry her through this valley. Prayers for peace, comfort, wisdom and strength that only God can give to those who call on His name. I’m rooting for you as a family from the sidelines. I pray for her siblings that they too find comfort knowing God is in control and will carry them through this time as well. For your extended family, I pray for them too and all of us who have come to love Miss Amber. Sr Mary Patrick put it best. Shes “our” girl as a community and faith based family and we all love her so!

  2. Amber is lucky to have such a strong, smart parents as her advocates and such a competent health care team. You are in our thoughts. Jen Mozeiko and Jason Pufahl.

  3. Praying that the truth machine shows only good things. Matt, I saw you yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to say hi. Dee

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