Day 177, Good news!

The MRI of Amber’s spine came back clean!  This is very good news!

We still have to go after that one tumor that was found last week, but for now, we wait.  The MRIs and other results have already been sent out to a few places, and hopefully we hear back next week about which next steps may be appropriate based on these results.  Then, we choose which we are going to pursue.

Some big decisions ahead.

Thank you to all that have been praying and thinking about Amber, and our whole family.  Now, I ask if you could please pray that Caron and I be granted the clarity to make the right decisions for Amber.

14 thoughts on “Day 177, Good news!

  1. Brilliant news!!! This is surely a huge relief! I know you will make the absolute best choices for Amber in the coming days and weeks. Stay brave and stay strong.

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  3. This is just wonderful news!!! We have all been praying hard for this. Now we just keep the prayers going! God bless you!

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