Day 229, … maybe?

Just when we think that we are in for a “yes” or “no” type of result, life reminds us that their is always room for “maybe”.

Amber had her MRI today. The results show some increased growth since last time, still in the same location as the original tumor. We were hoping to see some reduction, so of course this is disappointing. But, the Doctor gave us some interesting detail – it is not uncommon for this medicine to cause some inflammation of the tumor at first, and this would show up as we saw in today’s scan.

So unfortunately … we are squarely in “maybe” territory. It’s possible the medicine is having no effect and the tumor has grown a bit, and it’s possible the medicine is having a positive effect and has inflamed the tumor.

We had a good conversation with the Doctor, basically coming down to two options: we could abandon the current treatment and move to something else, or we can hold steady for now and continue to monitor the growth. More conversation will happen at next week’s appointment, but we are already fairly settled that we will continue with the current treatment for now.

So … “maybe” we are making progress? We pray that we are.

8 thoughts on “Day 229, … maybe?

  1. We are there with you and praying for the “maybe yes” for treatment success… Thanks for the early update. We’ve been thinking of you all day. 💜

  2. Squarely in “maybe-land” is frustrating, to say the least! It’s not the hoped-for result. Yet. It’s “maybe”, so keep moving forward on the road to “stupid damned tumor is gone!”

  3. Thinking of you. Uncertainty can be so hard to be with. You have done it with love and grace… and Amber Grace.
    May you feel some moments of peace today.

  4. Will continue to pray for your beautiful family.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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