Day 263, Morning update

Just a short update this morning.

We are going to stay at CCMC another night. Amber did well last night (well, at least as well as someone can do when being woken up every hour for checkups), and the steroid seems to be helping relieve the pressure. The steroid isn’t a cure – it reduces the brain inflammation, but does nothing to the tumor. So we are still assembling the plan, collecting options given the current state of things from various hospitals and medical centers and hope to have something more to work with tomorrow. We’ll post more as we figure it out.

16 thoughts on “Day 263, Morning update

  1. 🙏 Continued prayers for Amber and all of you. May the Spirit keep you in peace.

  2. Thanking God now that the steroids are helping…offering up mass this morning and storming heaven with prayers that she comes home soon and the right treatment is put into place once and for all…gripping tightly onto that thread of hope. Its stronger than we think…love to you all…
    Angela and Robert

  3. Sending your family strength, love, and a miracle. Always praying for you all. Xoxox

  4. I am glad that the steroids are helping. Please know that Amber and all of you are in my prayers daily!

  5. Continued prayers to all of you. Hoping this season of love brings miracles to you!

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