Day 271, Keeping it sassy

The title of this post was was chosen by Amber – as Caron and I were reading the draft and coming up with titles, Amber gave us a definitive “yeah” for this title.

After a 30 hour “nap”, almost completely unresponsive to us, overnight she started becoming more awake and aware – even through all the medications. This morning, she is talking with us – answering our questions, asking for water. It’s difficult for her to talk, and it’s very gravely, but it is intelligible.

She tells us that nothing hurts. That she wants chocolate milk. That she is really tired. That she wants to “go to the party”, and she invited Mom to the party too. And she scolds her brother or sisters if they make a loud noise. And, when she has had enough of our questions, the next one of us that asks “Amber?” gets only a very sharp and annoyed “WHAAAT????” in response. That sass continues right to the end.

And she asked to get up, out of bed, so she is comfortably relaxing in our living room right now, with her brother and sisters, Mom and Dad all near. She is in Caron’s arms, on the couch, snuggling.

We are happy to have these additional minutes and hours with her, but we are sad in knowing what is coming soon.

She continues to be comfortable, we continue to wait and pray.

33 thoughts on “Day 271, Keeping it sassy

  1. Yay for being sassy Amber!!! Nice job. Keep it up girl 🙂

    Enjoy your day!!!

  2. Amber continues to amaze me. What an incredible young lady. I was just sitting on my lunch break praying and thinking of her again. She enters my thoughts so often. What a truly precious time this is for your family. Time you will never forget. Someone said this blog sounds like a book and it really does. It has inspired ao many different emotions all around. God bless your family!!!

  3. What a beautiful gift from God to all of you… moments to cherish and devour… Your continually in my prayers.. xo

  4. Well how about that! A 30 hour nap to recharge her sassiness. Way to go Amber. Enjoy your snuggles! 😊 Loving prayers and thoughts for all of you.

  5. What a beautiful gift. When I read yesterday’s post I had so many tears of sadness. I feared checking my email seeing another post… my heart sank when I saw the email just now, however this time there were many tears of joy. I’m so thankful you were given this time with her alert and sassy. Truly the best gift in my opinion. Continuing to send you all love and strength for what lies ahead.

  6. Thank you for sharing this; I’m so glad you are all together, snuggling and embracing sassiness….

  7. Hi Amber! Your mommy and I became mommies around the same time when your big sister Marie was born a few months before my daughter Sarah! Come to think of it, I knew your mommy before she was a mommy. Crazy, right?! But you know what? I bet you, and your sisters, and your brother, are the best things to ever happen to her. Just ask her. I think she’ll agree. 🙂 Sending you all big loves from snowy Vermont!

  8. What a blessing this time is for you all enjoy every moment. We will continue our prayers and love for you all 💜

  9. A true blessing!!! We all continue to pray. Hugs, kisses and love always! Keep surprising everyone Amber!!! Super girl! ❤️

  10. Caron, I t was a pleasure meeting you at the Christmas concert. I have heard so much about Amber and you and your family from Sister Mary Patrick. What a sweet special child she is and I can see why after meeting you. You and your husband have done a wonderful job raising your children. I am praying for this sweet little girl and for you all.

    Rita Hayes

  11. Special, sassy girl. 🙂 Super Amber! So glad you are all enjoying some family time. Love you all. From your mom’s 5th grade teacher! Sending sunshine from NC.

  12. Amber, You are dearly loved. You are a brave and courageous girl! You will always have a place in my heart and digital picture frame.



  13. Amber, I am thinking of you so often, keeping your sassy face and personality in my mind. You and your family and in my prayers. You are an amazing little girl! Mrs. Coutu. …..although I’m good with Miss Erica!

  14. Love, love, and more LOVE! Prayers for Amber and all of you that you are blessed with peace.

  15. New England has been awfully dark and gloomy these last few days. The skies for sure have been crying, just as we have. I am so incredibly happy little miss sleeping beauty has woken to enjoy more time, talks, snuggles and love 💜 (We’ve been praying long and hard for this). What an incredible update. Love you so much sweet girl! XOXO Mrs. Sylvestre & Mr. (He’s been praying for you too) Aubrielle, Mason & Cole

  16. Amber, know that you are loved by so many people and have touched so many lives. I am happy that you are able these last moments with your lovely family. We are going to miss you very much and you will be in our hearts always! Caron, Matt, Marie, Brianna, and Ryan, your are in my thoughts and prayers always. You are one incredible family!

  17. Amber: you are incredibly strong and incredibly brave – a true supergirl, and you have a beautiful spirit. We have constantly been in awe of how hard you work and how you handle every challenge with grace and of course, sass.

    Caron, Matt and family, you also are incredibly strong and the love that you have for each other and that you share with everyone you come in contact with is amazing. Please know that we are all thinking of you, praying for you, and are here if you need anything. ❤️

  18. Each moment a gift,
    that’s blessed from above.
    These memories we cherish,
    with hearts full of love.

    We thank you our Lord,
    for the time that you give,
    for this precious young life,
    with a desire to live.

    I pray for your will,
    whatever will be,
    for healing for Amber,
    and setting her free.

    I continue to be in awe of your strength. You are in my prayers Amber! 💜 t

    p.s. We have a few things in common; we are both nieces to Uncle Jim and Aunt Diane, we love to dance and we love Jesus! 💜✝️

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