Day 2

(Update sent to a few key coworkers and school parents by email on Mar 23, recorded to blog on Mar 28)

Yesterday morning, we brought Amber to the ER, where they discovered a tumor on her brain, which had just burst. She was immediately sent to the Children’s hospital in Hartford, where she went through several hours of surgery. She is in ICU now, where she will remain sleeping for at least the next few days as they monitor things and perform a few follow-up operations. Things are very touch and go right now, and we don’t have all the details. We won’t be very communicative during the next few days, but wanted to make sure you heard this directly from us. Our families know, but we haven’t put out any big broadcast messages (e.g., Facebook), and don’t plan to alert the wider world anytime soon, but please feel free let your families know verbally. And please keep her in your prayers.