Day 2, Evening

(Email update to family on Mar 23, recorded here on Mar 28)

Update on Amber. Today Amber had a big day. The nurses had to unplug and battery packs as well as manually ventilate her so that we could make the trek down for a CT Scan.

The scan came out good. No more bleeding.

Dr. Martin is pleased with her vitals but wants to hold off on the MRI. He is off this weekend but one of his colleagues, Dr. Paul (who is sweet and looks like Santa), will be monitoring Amber. If her vitals remain well, he may lower the sedation, which may have Amber doing some involuntary movements.

Extra prayers for Monday as that will be a really big day. Pathology reports will hopefully come back in the afternoon so Dr. Martin can determine what we’re dealing with as well as MRI is scheduled for 2:30pm.