Day 4, Evening

(Email update to family Mar 25, recorded here on Mar 28)

Amber continues to be stable, and still under heavy sedation. Her head pressures are still up and down…but should be going down more. So everyone is keeping a watchful eye on it. They introduced a sodium based medicine to help draw out the extra fluid, which seems to be helping.

Dr. Paul came in and removed the drain in her head. He decided to hold off on lowering her sedation.

Matt mentioned Mark’s meningioma and Aunt Phyllis’s grandson’s glioma. He said they are probably nothing syndromatic but that may be something to discuss in the future with our pediatrician — possibly getting the other kiddos scanned.

Uncle Mark & Auntie Meg stopped by to just drop off a very well thought out care package!!! Thank you again guys!!!

Father Tito stopped by to give Amber the Annointing of the sick as well as a blessed brown scapular.

Talked with Sister Patrick and gave her the run down. She plans to write a letter to the families of St. Joe’s regarding Amber. She is also going to personally speak with all the classes (as one of the hats she wears is music teacher). She told us that there had been 2 miracles in the convent…and she is hoping Amber recovering is the 3rd. She also mentioned all the nuns/Sisters are praying for Amber as well as all the different prayer groups and Church groups that have Amber on their lists.

The outpouring of love…the support, prayers, the positive vibes… I just don’t have words. Not only are our families praying but the parents and children from school… friends… co-workers…friends of friends and siblings of people we know… people that haven’t even met Amber — are offering up masses and novenas and prayers circles and lists at churches… Matt and I are just overwhelmed by all the love.

I feel so sad and helpless… but this outpouring of support for our little girl — THAT makes my heart feel such warmth and hopefulness.

So much love to you all.

Tomorrow is the big day. I wish I didn’t have to face it because I am so scared of the results…

Will touch base tomorrow.