Day 6, Evening Edition

(Email update to family Mar 27, recorded here Mar 28)

After the “excitement” of last night/early morning, today has been a very needed calming day, so to speak. Amber’s pressure numbers have been very very good (small but mighty wins) and her blood pressure has been a bit on the high side, however has been lower now for 1/2 the day (again, small but mighty wins).

Dr. Martin came in and liked the numbers he saw. Slow and steady wins the race.

We’re hopeful for a calm uneventful night.

Matt and I, as well as Amber can feel the flooding of prayers. Tomorrow night, at Saint Mary’s Church, some of the mothers at Saint Joseph’s school, along with Father Tito and Sister Patrick, coordinated a ceremony of healing for Amber!!! It is at 7:15pm.