Day 7, a blog

We are truly blessed with the support and love being shown during this very difficult time. We are starting this blog for Amber to capture the moments, the details, the experiences of this journey and share with everyone – instead of trying to communicate different stuff via different methods to different people. We will try to update this daily, but please do not be concerned if we miss a day.

We have titled this blog Amber’s Way. We (Caron and Matt, her parents) are going to do everything in our power to bring Amber through this. But, those that know our little girl understand that Amber will shape her own path for this Journey, in Amber’s Way – with some attitude, with some sass, with hope, with a smirk.

Today is Wednesday March 28 2018. Most of the posts before this one are just excerpts from messages we had sent before we decided to do this as a blog. But, since they are part of this story, we decided to include them here.

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