Father Charlie & A Blessed

Last Monday (3-26) I was introduced to Father Charlie. I was especially looking forward to this visit because Chrissy, our Family Support Clinician, had gone on and on about how much of a special guy he is and how we have to meet him. Matt had the opportunity to meet him prior, loved him and couldn’t wait until I got to meet him.

So in walks Father Charlie with a “Hi, you must be Caron” while embracing me in a big bear hug…”You know, I was told a lot about you but then I didn’t believe any of it because there’s no one that perfect! But I can see I was wrong!”. I loved this man already!!!

Chrissy was not kidding when she said Father Charlie is a character. Quite a character indeed; funny, loving, empathetic, and best of all, comforting. After chatting about various things, one including his pet-friendly Masses, he asked if he could say a special prayer over Amber.

He took out a small round red object. “This is a relic of the Blessed Stanley Rother” he said, “Blessed Stanley Rother was an Oklahoma priest martyred in Guatemala. In order for him to become a Saint, he needs one miracle… Maybe Amber, could be his”. Father Charlie places the relic on Amber’s head and he says the special prayer…

When we think miracles, we often think BIG, like cures. Matt and I, at this point, will take even a smaller miracle — like being able to remove Amber’s breathing tube, or seeing Amber flex the muscles in her left side, or having Amber open her eyes and recognize us. Anything positive that God gives us we will take in a heartbeat.

7 thoughts on “Father Charlie & A Blessed

  1. I appreciate how our view of “miracles” can change while walking this path. Keep your eyes open for all the human angels that God is sending your way…they pop up in the most unexpected ways and times. Love, Aunt Jean.

  2. Your St Joseph school family is praying for an Easter miracle . We are all here for you for as long as you need. Much love n hugs!!

  3. I wanted to let you know my husband and I have been praying for Amber and your family. Last night before bed my three daughters and I did a special prayer. We are very involved at the studio (especially my oldest). While we don’t know Amber personally, it makes no difference. My family and I will continue to pray for Amber and your family and keep the faith 💟

  4. Such an amazing gift from the father. I pray that this is his one miracle. Amber Grace Smith!!!

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