Day 10

A couple more steps in the right direction.

We started the day with me (Matt) bringing Amber’s siblings to the St. Joseph road race in Baltic, CT. I’m very proud of Marie and Brianna for running so well. I’m also very thankful for all of our friends that asked about Amber and have been offering prayers for her, and pleased to hear from them today that this blog is helping everyone feel connected to Amber.

Caron stayed with Amber, and let me know that she (very briefly) opened her eyes several times, including once when the doctor stimulated her left leg (important because we know we will have challenges with her left side, due to her stroke). She also coughed several times today, an indication that she will be able to control her own breathing at some point. It’s still a very long road ahead of us, but we will celebrate each step in the right direction.

While there continue to be some minor hiccups in various numbers (ICP, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, CO2, etc), things are overall trending positive there too. Generally, it’s just that Amber, in typical Amber fashion, doesn’t like being made to roll on her side a bit, or have her eyes checked, or have her nose suctioned – so she is giving us some sass by throwing off her numbers for a few minutes.

And we continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity of you all. The prayers, the kind messages, the cards, the gifts, the meals, the offers of help. We are blessed to have such good friends and family.

Tonight, Caron is taking the kids to the Easter Vigil Mass, and I hold my own vigil at Amber’s bedside as we have since we arrived. We reflect on the trial, sacrifice, and joy of Easter. And, we continue to pray that God grant Amber the strength to continue her forward progress, that He grant us the strength to carry as much of her burden as He will allow, and that He grant her caregivers here at the Medical Center the strength and clarity to continue advancing her in the right direction. And we pray in gratitude for all of you, for your families and friends, that you all enjoy a peaceful Easter.

God bless.

11 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Please tell Amber to keep giving you the sass because that is what makes working with her so much fun! My family and I wish Amber and your whole family a blessed Easter.

  2. Hi Matt,

    Amber and your family are greatly in my thoughts. Sending all of you my best thoughts, wishes and prayers.

    She’s a brave and strong little girl and I am looking forward to the day you post the news that Amber is awake and wants…ice cream!

    Julie Johnson

  3. There are times when some sass is good…this is one of them. Love you all.

  4. As this Easter day begins you all are in my thoughts and have been for the past several days. I know how life can change in an instant and I am so sorry this has happened to Amber and all your family. You and Caron have had to deal with more than any young couple should. Your love and faith is remarkable. I have seen the power of prayer work miracles and I am confident that Amber will be one of those miracles. Keep being positive and rejoice in each baby step Amber shares with you. My prayers are for your strength to get you all through this very difficult journey.

  5. Have been praying for Amber & the family since first hearing and will add your medical staff to the mix. Thank you for allowing the blog to keep all of the concerned family & friends up to date on her progress.

  6. Wishing you all a Blessed Easter, and sending prayers for continued progress and strength.

  7. Hey mom and dad I know how you feel but we will get through it one day… Keep hanging in there mom and dad… you can do it!!!!!!

  8. Thoughts and prayers are being sent from my Uncle Todd and family! Continued positive vibes, thoughts, and prayers are being sent constantly!

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