Day 11, Easter

Today was a good day. Amber’s sisters and brother came to celebrate Easter with her, and her four grandparents came to join a bit later. Continued positive progress on her numbers, and so we continue to reduce various meds and therapies to see if she can self-regulate. Amber looked like a little angel today, “wearing” her beautiful Easter dress (draped over her in the bed). Her brother and sisters talked with her quite a bit, and got to see her open her eyes several times – for a couple minutes each time! She continues to move her right arm and leg, and a bit of her left leg, and a tiny bit of her left arm, including stretching out the right arm and grasping whatever is in her hand. She is still very heavily sedated, so we know she can’t exactly see and hear us, but it feels like she knows we are here. Small victories…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – this is a tissue paper “stained glass” project Amber did at school last year, hanging in our window, reminding us of two things – what Easter is really all about, and what Amber is capable of.

Happy Easter, God bless.

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  1. hi its Amelia carney. just want to tell you guys that reading this is making me cry. i’m not religious but ambers is in my prayers and thought. its great to see Marie and Brianna being so strong.,3

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