Day 14, My Super Hero

Super Heroes have super powers right?

We have been watching (and blogging about) how Amber is doing as she travels this road to recovery, and taking special note of those things we find most interesting. Her communicating with us through our “own” sign language, things like: right hand squeezes, number of fingers up (#2 means well, #2 and #1 means privacy please), thumbs up, finger snapping, nodding and maybe, even a smirk. As well as trying to breathe on her own and moving her legs and right arm wonderfully. Having no experience with this ourselves, we figure that these are just the normal steps down this road. But to have multiple doctors come to her room today to see her because of this “profound recovery” (their words) and learning that this progress is well beyond their expectations, two even leaving with happy tears in their eyes — that is flooring. Yes, still a long long way to go, but definitely heartening to understand that Amber is off to a super start.

In that same vein:

I never thought in a million years that my daughter would be celebrating her 1/2 birthday not only in the hospital recovering from 2 brain surgeries, but also battling a terminal illness.

6 months ago, when she turned 6 years old, she received a D.C. Super Hero Girl doll — a Super Girl. A doll that hauntingly looks just like Amber; blonde hair, blue eyes. Not just any blue eyes mind you, but blue eyes with a twinkle of spunk in them…just like Amber. This doll is a special doll. Special yes, because it’s one of her favorite characters on the show but more like, it’s a doll that imitates her life currently. Amber is Super Girl. She is my true life super hero. For what she’s endured over these past 14 days…no one, (let alone a 6.5 year old girl) should ever have to go through something devastating like this. But reality is, she is. And reality is, she’s fighting this Amber’s Way. A Super Girl fighting her own form of kryptonite, and fighting it hard. For that, Amber is not only just Amber Grace, she’s Super Amber Grace…and she’s my hero.

12 thoughts on “Day 14, My Super Hero

  1. Thank you Caron for this update on our super little Amber grace. It takes super strength to eat a whale, but she’s getting her practice eating that elephant. One step (bite) at a time. Glad to hear she’s showing the doctors how it’s done. ❤️

  2. It’s a great start! Go super girl ! You are doing great and can’t wait to see you on Saturday ❤️

  3. You go, girl! I think you have two very special angels rooting for you!!

  4. Our prayers are with Amber & your family. Amber’s strength and courage far outweigh those of Supergirl. She truly is a miracle who is teaching us all something new every day. She strengthens all of our faith every day. God bless.

  5. Caron, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet. Matt, I’ve only known for a short time, But, I can quickly see that Amber’s parents are pretty super too. Amber so proud of you! You are an amazing girl and a true inspiration to us all. My very best wishes and prayers to you all.

  6. Super Girl is definitely a LOT stronger than Batman! You go Super Amber Grace!!! Auntie and Uncle are so proud of you and cannot wait to see you on Saturday!!!

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