Day 15, Elephant Steaks

Early update, as I didn’t want to wait until tonight.

Already today we have taken another big step – the breathing tube and food tube were both just removed! She is resting peacefully, much mouth and throat discomfort, but her breathing is strong. Speech therapy will be checking in a bit later to see how she is swallowing and if she is ready for talking!

Also had a CT Scan this morning, which looks good.

Not just another bite off the elephant – I think we ate a whole elephant steak today. And it’s not even noon yet!

18 thoughts on “Day 15, Elephant Steaks

  1. This is wonderful news Matt and Caron!!! SUPER Amber keep up the great work!!! God bless you all!! XO

  2. Wow! What huge progress! I love reading how each day this strong girl keeps pluggin’ right along. And Matt and Caron you are amazingly strong as well. Thanks for keeping us informed.
    Hugs and kisses,
    Beckie from Dr. Yates office.

  3. Keep those doctors guessing Amber!! Yay! Im praying daily for ALL of you. Thanking God for today’s encouragement!

  4. Yay!!! Big girl Amber!!! Auntie is so proud of you. Your living up to that super girl hero for your Mama for sure. You continue to show us all what you’ve got. Miss you

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