Day 28, The Voice Of An Angel

I wasn’t sure if she’d ever be able to speak again. It was a fear that ran through my mind constantly these past 3 1/2 weeks. It was possible right? I mean she had an unknown tumor that burst which caused a major stroke and 2 brain surgeries. So the possibility of not speaking again (among other fears) was right up there on my list of possible outcomes from all this.

I can tell you in fact that Amber has the voice of an angel. It is soft, sweet, gentle, and. . . well, angelic. It’s hers, it’s our Amber’s, and I will forever thank God for it.

Last night Amber told me that she misses home. I can’t blame her. I can’t even begin to imagine everything she has and is going through and how absolutely terrifying it must be for her. “What do you miss most about home?” I ask. She starts to cry. . . “Rea” she says. Rea is our 16 1/2 year old cat and Amber’s buddy.

This morning Amber says “I want to go home…” I cringe a little because I know what’s coming next. “Why do you want to go home?” I ask. “Because I want to do my homework”. That response completely sideswipes me!! Ha Ha!! Does she really maturely understand enough to put the fact of how long she’s been in here with how much school she’s missed which results in just how much work she needs to make up? Perhaps so.

Her G-Tube spot is still sore, especially when Lauren from PT got her in and out of beds, wheelchairs, and floor mats. We got to do PT down on the 6th floor where their gym is. On the wall in there it says “Super Heroes in Training”. Ain’t that the truth!

After a shower, Amber was exhausted but stayed awake enough to enjoy her 1st lunch tray meal! After some bites of Mac and Cheese, carrots, and chicken, she washed it all down with apple juice from a straw! She did so well that she has advanced to 3 soft food meals a day AND soft snacks and clear liquids with Matt or I!!!

I have to say that I am in awe of Amber Grace. She is so brave and so tough. I cannot thank God enough for her and for her being here with us today. I also cannot thank you all enough for your continued prayers, love, and support through this tumultuous journey. It helps us more than you will ever know. . . 💜

17 thoughts on “Day 28, The Voice Of An Angel

  1. wow! my Amber Grace is back and I was there to see the miracles happen today…thank you God! My heart dances when Amber Grace looks at me, talks to me…and best of all…kisses!!!! see you tomorrow…sleep well. love, pep

  2. Amber Grace… don’t even think that you will not get those JellyFish Tacos soon.
    You are amazing… but we already knew that. ❤️

  3. She is a super hero! She is doing so amazing and brings a smile to my face. Go supergirl and keep up the awesome job! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. She is an angel, indeed. I am in awe of her determination and resiliency. What a blessing. Prayers and love sent to her and your family.

  5. Catherine wishes you can do homework and come back to school too! Keep up the good work, Super girl, and who knows how soon you’ll be back at school and at home! 💞💗💖

  6. Her progress is awesome. Maybe they will let you bring the cat in to see her. That would really make her day.

  7. Way to Go Amber!!! Zori said you can do her homework if you want! Lol! You are such a rock star!!!

  8. Such wonderful news! I am in awe of Amber the super rockstar hero! I hope someone comes in with a pet therapy animal so Amber can feel soft fur and think good thoughts about her kitty waiting at home for her.

  9. She is just amazing! We continue to send you all our love and prayers ❤️❤️🎗

  10. This is the best news ever! What amazing progress, Amber! Just keep it up! Miracles happening every day!
    Love and prayers,
    Sister Mary Patrick, SCMC

  11. Awwww!! Too bad Rae couldn’t come visit her! Like a therapy cat!! 🐈🐈🐈🐈 ..such good news to hear about her eating!!!! Yayyyyy!

  12. Nice work on eating Amber!! Don’t worry baby girl, you’ll be home before you know It. We love and miss you!!!!

  13. Angelic voice
    Mighty heart
    Bright mind
    Eager spirit
    Ready to be all that she can be

    ✝️🌸Praying for healing for Amber and strength for all. Thanks to God for all the great things He has done and all He continues to do.🌸💜

  14. You are a warrior sweet girl…. Forever in our prayers and thoughts! 💗🙏🏻

  15. Keep it up Amber your rocking it! Aubrey said she will come read with you. 💜

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