Day 30, Getting into a Cycle

Today was a fairly routine day. Which is unusual, because we don’t really have much of a regular routine. But, one is starting to develop, and having some regularity, some predictability, is a good thing.

After a breakfast of oatmeal, Amber and I did a little bit of coloring. Again, she did a great job coloring inside the lines (better than me, anyway!), so that right-hand control and vision are recovering well. She can’t do it long, though, before it tires her hand out, but we are getting further each time.

But, as always, I like to push things a bit. At the bottom of the page she was coloring were a couple of words, so I asked her to read them. It took her a few seconds, but very clearly (and correctly) read them out as “Queen Cat”! This is an improvement from a few days ago, where reading was a frustrating exercise for her.

Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy came to visit shortly after, and they brought Amber down to the Play Room to play some Connect Four. Between having her sit upright for the game, making her right hand support her left hand to pick up and drop the checkers, and having Amber speak to ask for more pieces or state how many were in a row, they were really pushing her – and she was pushing right through quite well, and having fun too.

She was pretty tired after, but enjoyed a pasta lunch, and then a trip to the PT gym, where she got to ride on a swing while exercising!

Finally a short nap before dinner, and some quiet TV time before prayers and bed.

She misses home terribly, misses her cat Rea, her friends, her toys. She even told us she wants to come home to catch up on homework, because she misses school so much. And unfortunately, we have at least a few more weeks in this hospital room. But, with a little bit of routine to make life less chaotic, she is establishing her own “new normal”.

Her courage and strength amaze me.

11 thoughts on “Day 30, Getting into a Cycle

  1. Please tell Amber we miss her at school! I can’t wait to have her sitting in my Italian class again! We are praying for all of you everyday!

  2. 🌸✝️ Praying for healing and strength. Keep up the great work Amber!🌸 Blessings to all. God is good.

  3. keep up the good work…cannot wait for you to come home…hugs&kisses, love, pep&mem

  4. Glad that you all are getting into a routine. Amber is doing so amazing. I can’t wait to hear the day she gets to go home. That smile will be epic. Love and miss you all so very much!!!

  5. I don’t usually post, but I couldn’t pass this one up. Stephen , in his infinite “kindness” said that he’ll bring his homework there for Amber to do it. Lol! Just know that Amber’s friends miss her terribly, too…she’s doing such amazing things!!!

  6. Amber, you are coming along just fine and just so you know, we can’t wait for you to come back to school. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Remember, one small miracle at a time!
    Love and prayers,
    Sister Mary Patrick, SCMC

  7. Amber, We miss you a lot in school and after Saturday Mass. We say prayers for you every night before bed. We’re so happy you’re feeling better. Hope you can come home soon!

  8. So happy to read of this amazing progress. You are all an inspiration to us! We’ll keep on praying for these daily miracles!

  9. Keep roaring sweet girl!!! You are a strong little tiger and doing amazing!!! Continued prayers and love ❤️

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