Day 39, The Start To A Big Week Ahead

Amber and I had a low key day. We watched some Minecraft videos, I cut the huge mat out of her hair, I painted her nails and she painted mine, we took a field trip around Floor 8, tried to play XBox Football in the playroom (that was hilarious), read a couple pages of Superkids (as we snuggled in her bed), and then watched more Minecraft videos (yay). Very relaxing and uneventful, which is nice given what’s coming up in the week ahead.

However, there was something extra meaningful later on this evening. At 7PM, Amber and I were praying extra hard. We knew at this moment, and for the next hour, there was something very special happening — St. Mary’s Church in Baltic, our Church, was having an hour-long prayer service in honor of her, and because of that we wanted to make sure we prayed right along with everyone else.

(Added by Matt)

At 7:00 tonight, the kids and I attended the prayer service at St Mary’s in Baltic. It was a simple, peaceful hour of music and quiet prayer. But it was powerful, and overwhelming for me to see all the support. Thank you to everyone who attended, participated, and prayed with us.

When I returned to the hospital to be with Amber for the night, the nurses were working to put in an IV. Sadly, Amber’s poor veins have been through a lot over that past 6 weeks and didn’t want to cooperate. It took several very painful attempts, before having to give up and agree to use a gas sedative tomorrow morning and install the IV then. Watching Amber cry in pain was heart wrenching, knowing that I cannot take this pain for her really tears me up inside.

Caron pointed something out to me tonight. Tomorrow is day 40. This has been 40 days of suffering for Amber. I don’t know if I should draw deeper meaning from this, but I felt it was worth noting anyway.

So now we look to tomorrow’s MRI scan. The scan doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t change our risks. It just reveals what is already reality. We will get the results on Tuesday. So tonight, we pray for the strength to accept whatever the MRI shows, we pray that God grant Amber a path to health, and we pray that God grant Amber peace and comfort during this journey.

8 thoughts on “Day 39, The Start To A Big Week Ahead

  1. 🌸✝️ Praying for God to bring healing to Amber Grace, peace and understanding to all and wisdom for the doctor’s and nurses.💜
    This is one of my favorite bible verses. I hope it brings you strength and peace.💜
    For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.✝️
    Praying for God’s mighty strength to be poured out on Super Amber Grace. 🙏🏻💕

  2. Good luck Amber !! I have been saying a lot of prayers for you. We will see you on Tuesday! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Matt and Caron, I went to Ned’s Point last night and prayed for Amber, for what will be this week and for the valiant fight she is waging. Please let her know we have her in our thoughts and prayers.
    Aunt Becky

  4. We will also be praying extra hard for Amber and you this week.
    Why don’t the doctors install a port so that inserting the IVs is easier and less painful?

  5. We will be praying extra hard for you today Amber. I love you and miss you so much and You will do great today. 💕

  6. We HOPE & Pray for Amber and all of your family who have been going through so much. Have they spoken about a central line at all rather then the IV sticks over & over again? After a couple years of my hospital stay they had to put one in do to the antibiotics closing down everything to stick a needle into and it did make it a LOT easier on me and everyone else. Take care, we think of you so often!
    Reg & Elaine

  7. Thinking of Amber and your family and sending hope, prayers and every best wish for this intense week.

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