Day 64, Vitamin D and Puppy Love

Amber had a good day.  Watching some TV in the morning, then some PT, OT, and LT.  What’s LT?  Learning Therapy — coined by Amber!  🙂  After all that, Amber, Ryan and I got to go outside for a nice dose of Vitamin D while blowing some bubbles.

At radiation therapy, there was a therapy dog named Mugsly.  He was a cute white pup with 3 legs and quite handsomely adorned in a bow tie!  Amber and Ryan got the biggest kick out of him!  Not only did Amber get to sit and pet him before radiation but luck had it that he was still there afterwards as well!

It’s refreshing to know what a little bit of Vitamin D and some puppy love can do for the soul!


7 thoughts on “Day 64, Vitamin D and Puppy Love

  1. Sounds like a perfect day! Bubbles to top it off! 🙂 Amber you have such a sweet mommy. Keep up the good work Caron! I can feel your happy energy in your post. Here’s to many more good days❣️ What a sweet pup right Amber!? Love that smile little one❣️

  2. What a great photo! Sounds like it was a pretty good day and it was so nice for Amber to see that silly pup when her treatment was completed!

  3. 🌸✝️ Thinking of Amber, praying for complete healing and knowing that God has you all in the palm of His hand. May you feel peace, comfort and strength today and throughout this journey.🌸
    Keep strong sweet girl!! You amaze me Amber! ✝️💜

  4. Amber will be blessing lives of others. She will also Gain wisdom and knowledge through this Trial. At that top peak of the mountain she will DEFEAT and take what’s hers then walk down in PEACE, in Jesus Name

  5. Vitamin D and Puppy Love are great! They build on the foundation of you and Matt and the siblings relativities and God. I don’t want to undervalue the gifts of the day and I know you never underestimate God but you guys are amazing! Lucia and I are in awe of your faith and strength. You are an inspiration.

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