Day 65, Amber’s Selfless Wish

Today was busy, I’ll admit it.  But lately there’s been some . . . well, let’s just say “hmm” or “ah ha” moments in between all the chaos — which definitely puts life into perspective.

Today was field day for the girls.  Hustle and bustle to get them out the door with both Amber and Ryan close behind.  After dropping Ryan at my parent’s house and the girls off at field day it was time to go to OT.  OT was great with Michelle, Maura, and McKenzie, a student from Quinnipiac.  Michelle noticed that Amber’s left hand and wrist have loosened up since the last week which is great.  Michelle and Maura showed me some  more exercises to do with Amber to keep up with the stretching of her arm, elbow and shoulder, along with making sure that Amber gets her core muscles tight as well as her back straighter.

After OT was done Amber really wanted to go to field day to watch.  So we hurry back towards home to try to make it in time, which was really close considering field day ended at 12:30 PM.  We made it just in time to spend about 40 minutes having lunch with her class.  Amber was in her glory!!

Then it was time for me to whisk the girls away from field day and drop them off to their grandparents’ house where Ryan was so that I could bring Amber to radiation.  Radiations have been a little extra special because yesterday Amber’s Memere got to come with us and now today, her Pepere came with us.  After radiation I had to run to Stop & Shop (thank you Pep for staying with Amber) to pick up some groceries as well as bouquets for the big dance recital that’s happening on Sunday.

After picking the rest of the kiddos up from my parent’s, and putting half of them down for naps, it was time to unload stuff from field day, groceries, and flowers.  Later, while I was making cupcakes for this upcoming weekend, my mind kept pondering over something Amber said earlier in the day.  Amber’s been coming up with “wishes” for the Make A Wish Foundation, where she has a special Wish Box to put them in.  She says to me “Hey Mama, I have another wish for the wish box.” “Oh great Amber, what is it?”  and she says “I wish for Cousin Jenn not to have Cystic Fibrosis anymore.”  I stop what I’m doing and look at Amber.  I’m dumbfounded.  How can this six and a half year old have this level of maturity and selflessness to ask for, to even think of something like this?  Her wish.  My heart swells.  My heart breaks.  So special and so awe-inspiring.  Makes me wonder how I can be less selfish, and further, on a grander scale, how the world can be less selfish; to think of others instead of just ourselves.  There’s a lot to take from this very simple and very sweet request of a child’s personal wish.  Perhaps we all could learn a thing or two from Amber.




9 thoughts on “Day 65, Amber’s Selfless Wish

  1. Such a big heart Amber!!!! Your Mama & Dada are raising such a wonderful, kind hearted young lady!!!!

  2. Caron,
    I don’t think you realize how everything you wrote about today shows how you go about your day doing things for other people, spending your precious time on sacrificing and doing for others.
    You and Matt need only look in the mirror to see where Amber’s gentle and selfless heart came from.
    Pam Harazim

  3. Wow. In the midst of everything Amber is dealing with, all she has endured, having her world so disrupted, she “spends” her wish for her cousin. She is just an amazing person and she is an inspiration.

  4. Literally fighting back tears, what an amazing yong woman you have there, thank you for sharing her with us..

  5. When we go through the mountians with the lord, we gain wisdom and knowledge and Amber’s on her way through. Remember that dragon in her room, well remember, you just have to guide her. She is going to be a Great example of God’s Touch

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