Day 69, Until Next Time – Or Until We Have Something Interesting to Say

I guess it’s safe to say that our family is in our “New Normal”.  Amber is thriving and healing everyday.  She is as determined as ever to get back to her normal, although it may be a slightly different version in some regards, for now.  So rather than bore you with our “new normal” tidbits of our family life, every day, we would rather write when something major has/is/will be happening.  Be sure though, Matt and I are not ending this blog — we’ll just be posting less often than the daily routine we’ve been maintaining.

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We thank everyone who has taken the time to follow Amber during her journey — during the ups, the downs, and the in between.  God has sent Amber on a journey and she is on the right path to finding her way, whatever way that may be.  Matt, Marie, Brianna, Ryan, and I are going to make sure that we continue to walk her path, her way, with her as best as we can.  Family and friends, that’s what’s gotten us through this — truly our saving grace in so many ways.  The support has been tremendous and greatly moving.  Thank You.  And so we ask if you could please continue to keep Amber in your daily thoughts and prayers.  Amber’s journey is far from over but the fact that we don’t really have much to write about daily anymore, I think that speaks for itself and how far she’s come!

So my friends, until next time — or at least, until the next time we have something interesting to say!

8 thoughts on “Day 69, Until Next Time – Or Until We Have Something Interesting to Say

  1. I have been reading your blog every day to stay connected to your journey and I celebrate the good news that you have found your “new normal”…what a tremendous job you have all done. Prayers will continue. I love you guys. Aunt Jean,

  2. Many blessings as you walk together each day.Your words and honest sharing have been more than inspiring to Sarah and to me. Amber and all of you are held in love and prayers each night.
    With a deep bow to you and how you have shown up as fully and compassionately as humanly possible,
    and with heartfelt thanks for the gift of your words.

  3. Dear Matt and Karen, I found a beautiful passage in “A Grateful Heart” that fits Amber’s journey: “I’ve read all the books but one Only remains sacred: this Volume of wonders, open Always before my eyes”. May Amber Grace continue to be blessed with all the wonders of so many continuing heartfelt prayers. Much love, Irene

  4. Sending all best wishes for Amber’s continued recovery and hoping the whole family will have lots of summer adventures; you ALL deserve it! Have ice cream for DINNER!!

  5. So glad to read your post tonight❣️Best wishes to you all and lots of high fives to miss Amber Grace! Keep up the good work little one!! Soon you all will be planning that make up trip to the Cape😉! Take good care and enjoy this beautiful weather❣️

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