Day 74, A Stranger with the Same Fight

Tomorrow is a big day, one that Amber’s been looking forward to for quite a while — she’s having her “SS’s” removed; her “Stinkin’ Stitches”. She will also have her G-Tube replaced. And, we’ll be meeting with Dr.Martin (NeuroSurg), Dr. Gillan (Oncology) and Dakota (Nutritionist). Big day indeed, especially with our day starting with an early trip to radiation.  And after tomorrow’s radiation visit, there will be “only” 18 more to go.

This past Friday we met with Michelle, Maura, and student McKenzie for OT.  Right off the bat, Michelle and Maura immediately noticed how much looser Amber’s left arm and hand were. They also couldn’t believe how Amber’s hand and fingers were loose and not in a tight fist.  So any talk of having her wear a splint at night was now thrown out the window!  The ladies were amazed at Amber’s progress, but I wasn’t.  In my heart as they were assessing Amber and commenting on her positive progress, I just wasn’t “shocked”. Yes of course it’s because Matt and I are helping Amber with some exercises, and yes it’s Amber herself working hard, but it’s more than that. It’s bigger than that. It’s all the healing prayers and healing thoughts for her.

When we got done with radiation on Friday and were walking back into the waiting area, a stranger started chatting with Amber and I.  This simple pleasantry turned into something special and very generous for Amber.  What this kind stranger did was something that touched my heart so deeply that I nearly lost it with a flood of tears.

What posses a complete stranger to do something spontaneous from the heart that is so sincere, guileless and unselfish?  A bond.  It was an instant unlikely bond between him and Amber; an older man that has lived almost all of his life and an innocent little girl that is just starting hers, yet both possibly doomed by the same uncompromising disease. A special bond that only a certain few share.  Amber didn’t see it but I did; a brief moment in time where both beautiful and sad collided.

To that kind stranger that is now a forever friend, thank you. Thank you for changing my life in more ways than you know.

4 thoughts on “Day 74, A Stranger with the Same Fight

  1. Such encouraging words and deeds. Be blessed today in all that you do.

  2. It’s those strangers that will touch us a way that no-one else can
    May he heal and be blessed through his struggle.

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