Day 126, It’s a High Five Kind of Day!

Good News – Amber’s MRI scan came back looking good!

It was a pretty long day, with us leaving the house around 8:00 and getting back home about 5:00.  We started with an early visit with Dr. Gillan in the Hem/Onc clinic, then went downstairs for the MRI, and returned to Hem/Onc to get the results.

The scan came back looking good – there are no signs of any regrowth, at all!!  This isn’t just “good” – this is as good as it could have possibly been.  As Dr Martin said to us today: there are times when we need to have detailed, serious conversations, but then there are days like today – today is a High Five Kind of Day!

We have used several metaphors and analogies over the past 4 months — Eating the Elephant and the Whale, a Superhero Battle, a Journey of Many Steps .  Well, today we took a megasize bite of the Whale, won a significant battle against a Supervillain, and passed an important milemarker in our Journey.

But we are not done with this.  Cancer is not so easy.  A clean scan today does not mean she is cured — it just means that it isn’t aggressively attacking at this moment, but could be still hiding somewhere in that brain.  We will be returning for MRIs frequently (every 6 weeks, for now) to watch carefully, and with the help of CCMC we will be ready to act when we need to.  We still have a lot of Whale left on our plate, several Supervillains in this war, and much distance left of this Journey.

But today – we celebrate.  We thank the doctors and all medical professionals that have helped get us this far.  We thank everyone who has been praying, sending us positive thoughts, and supporting us through this.  We offer a prayer of thanks to God for granting us such a blessing today.  And we continue to pray, and ask others to pray, for Amber’s positive results to continue into the future – until we have devoured the Whale, finished off the final Supervillain in this war, and reached the point of this crazy Journey where all we see is smooth sailing ahead.

Thank you all, God Bless.

35 thoughts on “Day 126, It’s a High Five Kind of Day!

  1. I’ve been thinking about your family all day. So glad you got good news today!

  2. Wonderful news! Always keeping you in prayers & sending positive, healing vibes your way!

  3. Fantastic!!! The best possible news! I am just delighted for Amber and your entire family. Enjoy every minute of this day and celebrate!! Go, Amber, go!!!

  4. Matt and Caron,

    I spent a good part of the morning telling God that I had asked for a lot of things over the years but had never asked for an outright miracle before. That’s what we’ve all been asking for here. And now, at least for the moment, we have one! Thank you for letting us be part of Amber’s Miracle.


  5. This is wonderful news! Miracles do happen! Thank you, God, for this one. Know that we are all praying and will continue to pray for more miracles to come.

  6. I have seen the power of prayer work many times and hope all the prayers you have coming your way will continue to keep Amber well.

  7. What wonderful news! God is good. Enjoy and celebrate. Breathe again. Thank you for letting us help by praying and sending every positive wish and thought we can.

  8. Thank you God!! It’s a true miracle, Amber you are a super hero! We love you!

  9. Power of prayer!!! Our prayers were answered today for our sweet Amber 🙏🏻❤️

  10. My husband (Jason P.) knows your husband from UConn. I’m a speech pathologist and researcher, also at UConn and my work tends to focus around adults with aphasia (loss of language) after a stroke. I do see patients with aphasia following tumor resections sometimes as well. In any case, it was as a mom that my heart just broke when Jason told me what had happened with Amber and I have been following your blog posts from the beginning. I am so happy for you all that today’s MRI was a clean one. Just want you to know that strangers are rooting hard for you guys, too. Stay strong Amber and family!

  11. We are so happy with this great news. We will continue to pray for Amber and that the fight will continue to be won. God Bless.

  12. Praising God for this wonderful news! Know that our prayers continue to surround you, all! Much love from the T’s!! ❤

  13. Elaine and I was checking after 2pm today of being eager to hear the outcome. Im over joyed cousin!!!!Im so happy. God is Awesome!! Read Psalms 91 over her and your family. Love you and we are rejoicing with you (Aunt Phyllis, Elaine and I)

  14. Alleluia! God is watching over my Amber Grace. pray…pray…pray

  15. That’s great news! So happy for you guys. Keep praying and I will as well!

  16. Thank you God! What a blessing, will continue to pray. Enjoy the rest of the summer!!!💕

  17. Our prayers have been answered. Will keep praying for continued good news!

  18. God is good!!! We will take this win for now!!! Love you and miss you all so much!!!

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