Day 165, The Proof Is In The Prayer

Sometimes the thought of why we pray comes across my mind.  For me, praying is the natural thing to do when something is heavy on my heart or I want to give thanks to God.  In praying I find there is Hope.  Hope, when all else feels lost.  Prayer for me is a direct connection with God, and it fills my soul with a sense of comfort and encouragement.

I know that Amber is a strong, determined, feisty girl.  I know how strong she is, I’ve seen her, (and still do see her), in action.  However, I truly believe in my soul and in my heart that Amber’s strength and determination is nudged by all the prayers being said for her.  I genuinely believe in prayer.  The proof?  Aside from the obvious — she is here with us, on Earth, after such a devastating start to this journey  —  but the fact that she went back to her own school this past Monday.  Saint Joseph School.  More proof?  The fact that she walked into her school, and talked with her friends, and did her class assignments.  That my friends, is a miracle — all due to hard-work, determination, and . . . prayer.

Amber & Sibs Ready For Their 1st Day of School 8-27-2018


5 months ago, when this all first happened, I never would have thought I would be writing a post about Amber going back to school.  At that time unfortunately, my thoughts were very grim.

Amber on March 22nd, 2018

But this Supergirl has made exceptional strides — leaps and bounds!  Of course, she still has a bumpy road ahead.  Regaining the parts of herself that are still weak and worse, continuing to fight the cancer within.  However, with her continued perseverance she will succeed.  Prayers have gotten us through the darkest of times and the happiest of times.  And sometimes there will be situations where we will pray with a little more angst and passion.  We have one of those coming up.  This coming Friday, September 7th, is Amber’s next MRI.  It is unfortunate that with Amber’s type of cancer there will always be the on-going threat of recurrence.  I pray, and I ask you to pray, that this cancer stays away, that it continues to be in remission.  So I ask of you, my friends and family, to please pray hard for Amber this upcoming Friday.


There is a Holy Hour for her on Wednesday, September 5th at 7PM.  Due to another heat-wave,  the Holy Hour will be in held in the Chapel (where it is air-conditioned).  The Chapel is located in between St. Mary’s Church and The Academy of The Holy Family.

Thank you!

11 thoughts on “Day 165, The Proof Is In The Prayer

  1. Please know that I will continue to pray for all of you. God Bless your whole family.

  2. 🌸✝️ 🙏 We pray that Jesus, the Great Physician, will continue to bring complete healing to Amber.
    We praise you and thank you Lord for Amber and pray for strength, hope and peace for all. Amen ✝️🙏🌸

  3. Prayers, best wishes, good thoughts; every possible bit of goodness in the universe on the way for Amber. I will be thinking of her on Friday and awaiting your next (GOOD!) update!!

  4. We will be praying for Amber and all of you!!! I will get to the post office tomorrow and mail her little package!!! Love and prayers❤️🙏🏼

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