Day 197, Happy 7th Year of Life, Amber Grace!


6 months ago, things were just as they were supposed to be; the hustle and bustle of our normal life with it being pretty near-perfect.

6 months ago, that pretty near-perfect life, it changed quite dramatically. It was life-altering.

6 months ago, Matt and I thought we had lost one of the most important — most special things in our life, Amber.  In those first few days we thought that was it, that she wouldn’t make it through — or, if she did come through, Amber would be forever different, and not our “Amber” that once was. Those first few days were the hardest with grim thoughts swirling through our heads. One of those thoughts — not seeing Amber celebrate another birthday, ever. It’s dark and it’s sad, but as humans, it’s what our brain does. It tries to process the moments and put the future into perspective. But how different things turned out to be — God wasn’t ready for Amber to come home to Heaven just yet.

God has a very special plan for Amber, one that I believe has already, and is currently taking place. Our little Amber Grace has brought us all together. Family, friends, and strangers alike. We have, and are, DSC03976ablcoming together in our Faith and in our Hope. But God’s plan is beyond that. It’s simple yet complicated. So as we’ve all been brought together, my question is, what’s next in His grand plan? I hope it’s as simple as — Amber is cured by this clinical trial, which in turn gets this drug easily to other children to help cure them too. But God is mysterious . . . He may have other intentions. What I hope and pray is that God’s plan includes Amber celebrating many, many, many other birthdays here on Earth.

6 months ago, in those first few horrible unknown days and sleepless dark nights, Matt and I never thought we’d be sitting here, right now, eating Amber’s special birthday dinner of tacos, singing “Happy Birthday” to her smiling face, enjoying a piece of her delicious cake, and watching her excitedly open up her birthday gifts.

Thank you God for this extra special birthday day. It is truly a miracle that our Amber is alive and is enjoying all there is to enjoy about celebrating — especially, another year of life.


“Look at Lefty Mom!”

26 thoughts on “Day 197, Happy 7th Year of Life, Amber Grace!

  1. Happy birthday, sweet girl! “You look mahvelous, Darlin’!”
    Love you!
    Auntie Di and Uncle Jim

  2. Happy Birthday to Amber. None of us know if we will get to enjoy a tomorrow. We can only live each day we are granted to the fullest and spend time with family and friends. Our prayers for Amber and your family will continue, in the hope that God will see fit to grant her a miraculous recover.

  3. Happy 7th birthday Amber Grace. You are a special princess and God has wonderful plans for you. You rock!

  4. Happy birthday to your special girl! She has touched so many hearts along her journey.

  5. Happy belated Birthday Amber Grace! We’ve recently been introduced to you by our friend and your Aunt Melanie. We enjoyed seeing several pictures of you, as beautiful as you are. I hope that we will one day meet you and enjoy some time together. Connie my wife and me will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Many happy days, love Connie and Dave

  6. A happy and belated birthday, Amber, and may you have many more!!! You are one special girl!!!
    God bless you.

  7. Wow! What a beautiful birthday girl!! Amber looks so happy, as she should, as any child should, celebrating her birthday! She is remarkable and unstoppable! What a wonderful day for your family! Praying for Amber!

  8. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and a happy everyday, Your a very sweet and special little girl.

  9. 💕Happy belated 7th Birthday Amber! I hope you are celebrating all month long!💕🙏💕

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