Day 214, A Heartfelt Thank You & What’s Next —

A truly heartfelt THANK YOU to all who supported the “Superheroes Pay it Forward” fundraiser. The result: 118 shirts sold and a final total amount resulting in $2050! WOW! That is so amazing and so generous! A truly wonderful donation going to an equally wonderful hospital: CT Children’s Medical Center. Helping to find a cure for present and future cancer Superheroes who are fighting for the win. Again, thank you!

The past few weeks have been moving forward with our new normal of weekly routine visits to NYC with MSK (Memorial Sloan Kettering). Amber’s blood work and other routine checkups have been good/normal thus far. Really the only thing that Amber has been complaining about, other than not wanting to go to New York, yet again, is small headaches above her right eyebrow that come and go. The doctors are aware but it doesn’t make it any less scary wondering what exactly is going on inside her brain on a day by day basis; is the pembrolizumab doing it’s thing or is the tumor getting bigger?

This week we return to NYC and MSK on Tuesday for her second infusion. In a couple of weeks is her MRI. Of course Matt and I are trying not to freak out wondering what we are going to see for the results. Honestly, if we could get a daily MRI, we probably would! We are just praying that the tumor isn’t growing out of control and/or that other tumors are making an appearance.

All we can do is pray for the best possible outcome for Amber, Heaven knows she deserves it.

Thank you for the continued thoughts, prayers, and support for Amber and our family!

8 thoughts on “Day 214, A Heartfelt Thank You & What’s Next —

  1. 🌻 Praying for the headaches to go away. Praying God’s mighty Hands are at work healing Amber. God is great. I am thankful for his blessings. May God bless Amber.💕🙏🌻

  2. Reading your blog and thanking God for the results of this fundraiser…praying for Amber and for your whole family as this journey continues. In the Mighty and Precious Name of Jesus Christ we pray for complete healing. Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our Healer is Mighty to save! We pray for Grace and Peace as you walk through this and each day, for protection and provision for each step you take, for the dissolving and disappearance of every tumor, for physical, spiritual and emotional strength to be poured out over all of you in Jesus’ tender mercy and for restoration and joy every single day. I love you.

  3. Sending prayers and warm thoughts for Amber and all your family. Poor kid has been through so much, is still dealing with so much, is fighting such a battle, no WONDER she gets a headache!! She is likely feeling stressed but may not know how to fully express it. Maybe keeping a little diary of the kind of day she’s had, etc. could help isolate the circumstances around the times she gets a headache. ‘Cause in the middle of a super-scary time, maybe a headache is just a headache….

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