Day 15, Evening Edition

The rest of the day was fairly quiet. Still coming down on the sedations; so she stays more awake and alert. We met with speech therapy in the afternoon. Amber was able to drink a little bit of water, and tasted just a little bit of applesauce – enough to show that she can swallow just fine. Tomorrow we will try some more, hopefully her throat is a bit less sore so she is more willing. No talking yet, but Mom caught a few vocal sounds coming out when she yawned.

But, the highlight for me today – Amber smiled! With all the tubes removed, Amber gave me that “oh Daddy, knock it off” trademark smirk. While physically it may still be a weak smile, it was the strongest smile I’ve ever seen.

Tonight, I came home to spend the night with the rest of our family. Marie, Brianna, and Ryan have been so brave, so incredibly strong through this all. Sometimes I wonder if they understand the magnitude of all this; then out of the blue they’ll say or ask something that proves that they do understand completely ( Ryan at a 3-year old level, of course ). Truly, we are blessed to have such a strong, tight family, and to be supported by our larger family and friends through this all.

So again, today we pray for strength for Amber to continue taking these great steps in the right direction, and for the medical staff who are providing such great care and support to Amber and to us. And we thank God for our children, our family, our friends; the time we have already had, and the time still ahead of us.

10 thoughts on “Day 15, Evening Edition

  1. What an amazing family, each of you in your own way, showing strength, courage, love, all that’s best in God’s creation. We continue to pray for you and your medical team.

  2. Thank you for posting, I’m Amber’s lunch lady. I’m praying for all of you but especially Amber. When you write about her little smirk I can picture her in front of me, I’ve seen that smirk!! Please tell her I’m thinking and praying and sending love!

  3. Thanking the Lord for the steps of progress. My family and I continue to pray for Amber and your family.

  4. All of Amber’s little wins make my heart happy!! All steps in completing that what and elephant! God Bless you all!!

  5. Great news! Go, Amber, GO! She’s amazing; so happy the swallow test is good. This girl needs ice cream!

  6. Hi Guys,
    My God, We are so very sorry to learn of Amber’s medical issues that have come up and so sad that I have been offline for so long to not have known sooner in case there was anything at all that we could do to help out in anyway whatsoever. I am up that way several times a week for all of my doctors appointments, if anyone needs anything brought up, a ride to or from teh hospital, dinner made for anyone, etc PLEASE by all means just contact us. Our thoughts & prayers go out to all of your family but twice as much to Amber. Please know that so many are thinking of all of you and no matter what time of day or night, just call and we will be there! Take care, please tell Amber that we are thinking about her.

  7. “…and then she smiled”

    Of course she did. 💛

    (Who just made herself cry🙋🏻‍♀️)

    We love you.

  8. Please know how thrilled we are with Amber’s progress. Miracles happen every day. We continue to pray for Amber!!

  9. I have been following your blog and keeping up on how she is. Miracles do truly occur and that she is supergirl! Melanie and Keith shared a picture of Amber with me of her smiling and it was fantastic. We read your blog everyday; my family and I will continue to keep Amber in our prayers!

    Nicole, Josh and Iliza

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