Day 16, Evening Edition

Amber received her first sponge bath today along with a very much needed shampooing.

After the bustle of her bath the “T” team came in in a swarm: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. They decided it was time for her to sit in a chair. So they lifted her gently making sure all of her tubing was out of the way yet still connected and put her in it. She looked like such a big girl and she looked a little relieved maybe to be out of that bed . . . who wouldn’t be after 16 days of being laid up? She ended up staying like that for 2 hours! She was definitely tired by the end of the session. While she was in her chair, the Speech Therapist tried giving her some sips of water. She did swallow a little bit but did end up coughing which the therapists think scared her because she made sure to keep her lips tight when the therapist tried apple sauce. Right now she is getting an IV with nutrients but Dr. Martin has warned us that she may require a feed tube through her belly to get the feeding that she really needs.

She has not done much communication today with us I think she is exhausted and frustrated from the past couple of days . . . that or maybe as she’s coming down from the sedation and reality is starting to sink in?

So, still moving forward, one step at a time, and many many steps still to go . . .

7 thoughts on “Day 16, Evening Edition

  1. Amber seems to be quite the trooper. I sure can see where she got that! You guys are amazing. God bless you

  2. Caron and Matt,
    We are praying for you and your beautiful family during this exhausting journey…We wish we were closer so we could help out more, but please let us know if there is anything extra we could do for you!!! We already began praying to Blessed Stanley for his intercession and the miracle he needs to enter sainthood~ we will not stop, that is for sure!!! Lots of love and prayers being sent your way~
    God bless!!

  3. Strong, super Amber! It was a big day for her with a lot to take in. She’s doing so great. Love you guys!

  4. A big day for sure. Keep it up Amber!!! You show us all what you got. Love you!!!

  5. Hi Matt and Caron,
    Looks like things are moving in the right direction slowly but surely. Praying for Amber and also for you guys. Let me know when you need any help. ♥️

  6. “The longest journey begins with a single step.” I think the reality is that this will be a long journey indeed, however God is with us and we are with you. If our God is with us who can stand against us?

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