Day 17, a Note of Thanks

Just a short note this morning. I want to thank everyone for all the comments on this blog, the Facebook messages, the emails, the text messages, the phone calls, the cards, the packages, everything. I assure you that Caron and I do read, listen to, and use everything that you send, even though we may not have a chance to respond to most. Thank you all for the support, it truly helps us keep moving forward through this emotional rollercoaster.

5 thoughts on “Day 17, a Note of Thanks

  1. Caron and Matt, thank YOU to be the strong, awesome parents that Amber and the other kiddos need during this hard, stressful time. You both are truly inspirational to us all!

  2. Matt and Caron, I think I speak for all of your followers, friends, folks, what have you, when I say that we don’t need thanks or recognition, just being trusted by you enough to share this journey with you is thanks and privilege enough. Amber’s healing and your family’s health is all that any of us are hoping for. Focus on Amber, the rest of the kids and each other. The rest of us are just fine.

  3. Oh God. It’s what family, and friends do. We love you Smith Family!!! 💖💖💖

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